World’s Tallest Man Saves Dolphins In His Spare Time

Bao Xishun, one of the world’s tallest men at 7ft 9in (2.4 metres) is a gentle giant from Mongolia. He normally avoids the spotlight in favour of a quiet life.

He reached new levels of fame when he was rushed to Royal Jidi Ocean World, an aquarium in Fushun, China.


His mission was to save two dolphins who became ill after accidentally swallowing loose plastic shards from their pool. The animals had contracted their stomachs and this made veterinarians unable to deploy  their instruments.

Bao used his long arms, reaching into their stomachs to pull out the harmful plastic bits.

tallest man saves dolphins 2

The manager of the aquarium confirmed Bao was able to remove the harmful objects. He later reported the dolphins were expected to make a full recovery.

tallest man saves dolphins

Up until 2009, Guinness World Records listed Bao as the world’s tallest living man. He was surpassed by Sultan Kösen of Turkey, who is over 8 foot tall.

Sources: BBC, Wikipedia

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