Singapore Has Book Vending Machines

book vending machine 2

It’s no secret the local book store is quickly becoming a thing of the past. BooksActually, a respected book shop in Singapore, is fighting back with a clever idea. It has installed book vending machines at high visibility spots throughout the city.

At present, there are machines installed at the National Museum of Singapore, and the Singapore Visitor Centre on Orchard Road. A third one will be ready at the Goodman Arts Centre by the end of June.

book vending machine singapore

Each machine holds up to 150 books, with a combination of children’s books, non-fiction, literature and tourist guides ensuring there’s something for everyone.

In a recent interview with Channel News Asia, BooksActually proprietor Kenny Leck told  that he was inspired by Penguin Books’ unique ‘Penguincubator’ to set up the machines in Singapore.

Singapore is not alone in rolling out these dispensers.  They are dotted throughout Europe, and Japanese publishers employ them to sell manga comics.

Leck said that money wasn’t the impetus for the idea. He saw it as an eye-catching way to advance Singapore writing, and get tech-obsessed Singaporeans back into physical books.

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In true retro style, BooksActually’s book vending machines take cash only. However, a debit/credit card option is currently in the works.

Check out the BooksActually Facebook page for the latest news on what they’re up to.

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