5 Ridiculously False Advertising Claims That Got Busted

We’ve all seen ads making silly claims that our common sense told us simply can’t be true. Companies often get away with it, but sometimes their false advertising gets them into trouble.

The tactic known as puffery involves making oversized statements to promote a product. It’s usually acceptable, because advertisers assume we recognise exaggerations. But occasionally they cross the line into illegal claims. For example: a sugary soft drink promising to reduce your waistline.  That’s lying, and therefore false advertising. This can prove to be costly and damaging to brands.

In most cases, the results of false advertising claims go unseen. But there’s watchdogs out there to protect those not smart enough recognise an outright lie.  The following 5 examples are so outrageous, you won’t believe companies actually tried to get away with them. Instead they ended up with lawsuits and millions of dollars in fines.


Olay false advertising


Nutella false advertising


Nivea false advertising

4..Subway false advertising


Kelloggs false advertising


Sources: CrackedChron

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