Insanely Talented Artist Creates The Creepiest Cat Paintings Ever


creepy cat 2
Image via Caseyweldon/Instagram

Casey Weldon will soon become one of your favourite artists. His work is eerily realistic, features pop culture references and has a cool retro vibe. It’s also whimsical and often melancholy. His most famous works however, are his series of cat paintings, and no wonder. There’s something quite scary about a four eyed cat.

creepy cat 4
Image via Caseyweldon/Instagram

This Caterpillar isn’t something you’d want to cuddle up to!

caterpillar casey weldon
Image via Caseyweldon/Instagram

Of course,  these cat paintings make up a just a small potion of this artist’s brilliant collection. According to an interview, Weldon aims to simultaneously attract and disturb viewers with his imagery. There’s no doubt these beautifully crafted paintings draw you in, but then your mind latches on to realise something is off.

Follow Casey Weldon on Instagram to see more. If you’d like to support his work, head over to his store and buy a print.

casey weldon art
Image via Caseyweldon/Instagram

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