Watch As Hero Rescues Adorable Baby Sea Lion

sea lion group
Image via The Marine Mammal Center

Sea lions are regular visitors to coastal areas of California. Their distinctive barking and playful nature have made them a tourist attraction at San Francisco’s Pier 39. They are social creatures and always travel in groups, so it’s rare to see a baby sea lion by itself.

This little baby got separated from his mother and found himself trapped

baby sea lion rescue
Image via Sam and Nia/Youtube

YouTube vloggers Sam and Nia recorded the little pup’s rescue. Their friend Adam made a chance discovery. It was just in time too! The pup was at risk of falling into a deeper hole that would’ve made attempts to save him impossible.

He was helpless and scared, but then a hero came along

Notice how he held the animal’s head to protect himself from bites. Sea lions, even small pup like this one, are surprisingly strong and have very sharp teeth.

The pup soon waddled back into the water and swam out to sea, hopefully to rejoin his family. Visit The Marine Mammal Center to learn more about California sea lions, and for information on who to contact if you find one needing help.

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