About Us

SocialViral XYZ was created by a group of friends. It started with a simple idea: what if we had our own site to tell stories about things we find interesting, and would give us a chance to share them with others? We have a mission to inform, entertain and add a spark to your day.  We work hard to make that happen.

We love that social media embraces different ways of storytelling: videos, text, music, photos and even memes can enrich our lives. Each is unique and valuable in their own special way.

Social Viral XYZ believes that media diversity is incredibly important, especially in the digital age. Everyone should be free to express themselves and share their experiences and opinions with the world. We are committed to telling stories without the hidden motives and agenda setting tactics used by mainstream media.

If you stop by Social Viral XYZ, you may read an animal story that touches you, be inspired by a wonderful artist, learn about a place you didn’t know existed,  get lost in self reflection… or maybe you’ll just enjoy a good laugh.